Andre Iguodala Gave Us The Flop Of The Year On Opening Night!

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Kawhi Leonard Andre Iguodala

It only took 8 minutes into the Warriors opening night game against the Spurs for Andre Iguodala to give us the flop to be beat for the honor of flop of the year.  The soon to be Shaqtin’ a fool classic clip came late in the first quarter when Kawhi Leonard and Iggy “made contact” and Iggy flew back as if he was just hit with an uppercut by a young Sugar Ray Leonard.

As painful as Iggy tried to make that blow seem, it’s nowhere as painful as starting your season off with a 29 point loss.

“We got punched in the mouth,” Draymond Green said after the game.

He obviously didn’t mean they literally got punched in the mouth although Iggy might disagree.

As for Kawhi, it seems some of that Black Mamba mentoring paid off as he scored a career-high 35 points (10-21 fg) to go with 5 boards and 5 steals in just 32 minutes.