Andre Iguodala Interacts With A Fan During GM2

Was D’Angelo Russell working the cameras in game 2?

I’m kidding!

So, why would I post a video of Andre Iguodala having an innocent conversation with a nice looking lady during game 2 instead of posting a video of LeBron hitting Iggy in the groin? Because this video gives me an excuse to revisit the 2011 hit dance “The Dougie”


In the comments section for this video, one user said the lady was probably telling last year’s Finals MVP, “Teach me how to Iggy. Teach me, teach me, how to Iggy.”

This led to another person to reply with, “Errbody loves it. Errbody loves it.”

Besides making me laugh, the comments took me back to when a bunch of NBA players – from John Wall to Damian Lillard to Big Shaq to Big Baby Davis – were doing the dance.