Andre Miller scores 18 4th quarter points & game winner against Warriors

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You can talk all you want about the very talented young guns like Steph Curry and Ty Lawson but it’s those nifty old vets that you have to watch in the playoffs.  14 year vet Andre Miller scored a playoff career high 28 including 18 in the 4th quarter against the Warriors in GM1.  The final two points came in the final two seconds of the game to give the Nuggets a 2 point victory.

“I just wanted to attack the basket and use the rim,” said Miller, who admitted he had never hit a game-winning shot in his life. “I saw (center Andrew) Bogut and knew he was going sit on my left hand, so I used the basket to get it in that other way.”

Miller doesn’t appear that fast and never appeared that fast or explosive even as a rookie with the Cavs or when he was leading the NBA in assists,  scoring 17 a game for Philly, driving past defenders or surprising a defender with a quick dunk, but just ask Corey Brewer about Miller’s unique game and he will tell you what all NBA vets know.

“I’m never surprised by Andre Miller — I say he’s unguardable,” Brewer said. “They always talk about these guys like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, but if you give Andre Miller the ball, he’s one of the toughest guys to guard in the NBA.”

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Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets - Game One


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