Andrei Kirilenko aka Ak-47 receives an AK-47 as a welcome home gift!

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Andrei Kirilenko

So what do you buy a millionaire with a wife who gives him a hall pass once a year as a gift?  How about something that represents his nickname? That sounds like a safe plan unless the person is nicknamed AK-47!

Luckily the gun is just a model so it’s safe. Safe just like the title of 5×5 king.  You can read more about why I gave the recently retired AK-47 that title here but but here’s also a few examples of why he was favorite among fantasy basketball owners.

  • 2003: 19 points 5 rebounds 7 assists 5 blocks 8 steals
  • 2003: 10 points 12 rebounds 6 assists 5 blocks 6 steals
  • 2006: 14 points 8 rebounds 9 assists 7 blocks 6 steals