Andrew Bynum says he rather play for the Lakers than Clippers

Last month the Pacers wished 26 year old Andrew Bynum good luck on finding a new NBA home.  With talented (even immature and injured talented) centers being so scarce in the league right now, you would think it wouldn’t be that hard for one of those rare big men to find a new home even if they wore out their welcome in the last 3 homes they occupied in the past 2 years.

TMZ spotted the once dominant big man, with 2 championship rings, at LAX and asked him if he would like to play back in LA.  Bynum replied “that would be great” and then answered that he would rather play for the Lakers than the Clippers.

When asked how his legs felt, Bynum said he could walk around with them…..well, I’M SOLD!!

Well, I’m kidding and I can’t imagine many in LaLa land getting excited over this news.  He’s not this cute kid anymore…


or the young guy that challenged Shaq….

the one who put up 16 points and 30 rebounds in a blowout win over the Spurs without Kobe Bryant…

the one who was attending All-Star games with Kobe Bryant…

He’s not even the player that lost his job to Dwight Howard.

Atleast his hair looks like the hair he had back in LA and not one of the others in this pic.


Source: TMZ




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