Andrew Harrison on Facing Westbrook, “I’m not gonna back down from nobody.”

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Confidence has never been an issue with the Grizzlies Andrew Harrison or his twin brother Aaron. They dominated the high school basketball scene, were stars at Kentucky and now they are trying to make a name for themselves in the league. Before Thursday’s game between the Grizzlies and Thunder, Fox Sports South talked to Andrew, who has quietly been having a solid year in Memphis, about starting against the Thunder and his match-up with Westbrook.

“I’m not gonna back down from nobody.” Replied Harrison. “I know how good he is and what type of athlete he is, he’s a great player but I’m gonna bring it and give it all I got.”

And he did. Harrison scored 10 points on 3 of 7 shooting and 2 of 2 from downtown, to go with 3 assists and 2 boards, helping the Grizzlies destroy the Thunder 114-80. OKC only got 3 quarters of action from Westbrook before he was ejected but he was just 6 of 19 from the floor with 6 turnovers and 0 assists during his 23 minutes.

Here’s some highlights from Harrison this season and a throwback video of when I used to be able to drive just 10 minutes to watch him and Aaron destroy every team in the Houston area.