Andrew “Junior Jordan” Wiggins’ awesome 8th grade yearbook photo & video footage

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How many people can say within 10 years, after filling out one of these yearbook surveys, they are making a living doing their hobby and have their dream job? “Andrew “Junior Jordan” Wiggins can.

Here’s his yearbook photo from 8th grade, where the NBA #1 draft pick talked about living life to the fullest, running track and that memorable moment when he threw down a windmill dunk while most of us were still dreaming about touching the rim.

If that didn’t make you jealous then here’s some video footage of Wiggins in 8th grade playing against Varsity teams.

Speaking of funny 8th grade pics. Check out this pic of “LaBron James.” He sure looks different! I’m sure this was the last time LeBron was confused for Michael Quinn. I’m also sure it was the last time LeBron wasn’t named “most athletic” – where is Virgil Robinson now?