Andrew Wiggins attends UNC game wearing a Raptors hat | Top 10 reasons why Wiggins should choose North Carolina


I bet Raptors fans were more excited to see this than UNC fans.  As the Toronto Raptors wait for their turn to get the future superstar, CBS Charlotte put together a nice list called “Top 10 Reasons Why Andrew Wiggins Should Choose UNC” with a Ballislife video at the end!  Check out the list.

1.) Roy Williams is a Hall of Fame Coach: With 2 National NCAA Championships under his belt, Roy Williams has proven he can lead teams to be successful in the regular and post seasons.  Wiggins might like the thought of playing for him rather than Florida State’s Leonard Hamilton.

2.) UNC team is already young: Dexter Strickland is the only senior on the team this year, and the possibility of James McAdoo leaving for the NBA lessens if Wiggins decides to play for Carolina.  The young freshman phenom will have Marcus Paige who is developing nicely into a skilled point guard, and the McAdoo/Wiggins tandem would be difficult to defend.  Plus, if Wiggins really wanted to stay for a second year (HIGHLY unlikely), then he would have a great chance of repeat success with an already developed team.

3.) Jabari Parker Committing to Duke: Parker was going to be the #1 prospect coming out this year, but when Wiggins reclassified his status from the Class of 2014 to 2013, he bumped Parker to the #2 spot.  With the UNC and Duke rivalry being so huge as it is, Wiggins might be tempted to want and face off at least twice in one season against another great freshman of college basketball.  The UNC/Duke game this Saturday might increase his chances too of hating on Duke and wanting to beat them next year.

4.) Experience in the Spotlight: Wiggins has been followed by sports media analysts and cameras from his early days at Huntington (W. Va.) Prep.  I’d feel that he’d relish the fact of ESPN always covering him on Sportscenter every night, especially during the Duke/UNC match-ups and NCAA Tournament games.

5.) Wiggins is a Nike Athlete: UNC has been paired with Nike and Jordan products for quite some time, and Wiggins has played in Nike gear his entire basketball career.

6.) Incoming Freshman: With Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks joining UNC next year, UNC will have some great players coming off of the bench to help Wiggins and the other younger players get some rest and help get some points on the scoreboard.

7.) Winning A National Championship: Depending on the outcomes of this year, I still feel that UNC has a better chance to make it to the Final Four with Wiggins than his chances with Florida State, Kentucky, or Kansas.  Wiggins is more than likely going to be a one and done player, and seeing the rosters for next year, the Canadian player should choose the slightly older but experienced UNC crew.

8.) Independence: Florida State did sign Xavier Rathan-Mayes for their team next year.  Xavier played high school and travel basketball with Andrew Wiggins, and both of their dads played for FSU as well.  It doesn’t hurt FSU chances that the 2 high school players even live 15 minutes apart!. BUT, maybe Wiggins wants to branch out from his high school friends to see if he can be in a new environment that doesn’t have connections to his parents (both who are athletes and went to Florida State) and his friend Xavier.  He’ll have plenty of things to occupy his time even during the off-season on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.

9.) It’s Carolina Basketball: By being one of the best basketball programs in America, the Tarheels can cater to any player during recruitment time based on their program itself.  And with players like Michael Jordan, Tyler Hansbrough, Vince Carter, and many more to add that have become famous in the NBA, Wiggins might want to be a part of that collegiate and national success.

10.) What Team Wouldn’t Want Wiggins After Looking At His Highlight Reels

[youtube id=”HJn74ufOx64″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”rUQTDNK1TiM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Source: CBS Charlotte

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