Andrew Wiggins Dunks On Rudy Gobert, Then Does It Again, Then….Gets Rejected!

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Andrew Wiggins

Just a few minutes into the Twolves/Jazz game, Andrew Wiggins drove down the middle and threw down an and1 dunk over Rudy Gobert.

Then midway through the 2nd quarter, Wiggins once again went down the middle and threw down another (much harder) dunk over Rudy Gobert.

Then on the next play Gobert finally got revenge, rejected a dunk attempt by Wiggins and then flexed his muscles at Wiggins who was on the ground.

But that rejection didn’t stop Wiggins from attempting more poster dunks.  In the 4th quarter, Andrew  went baseline and threw down a dunk over former dunk champ Jeremy Evans (1:33 in the video below).

Despite the 3 big dunks, Wiggins struggled scoring throughout the rest of the game and made 2 of his other 12 shot attempts and finished with 17 points.  Despite getting dunked on twice, Gobert had 3 blocks to go with another impressive double double of 15 points and 12 rebounds.