Andrew Wiggins scores 21 (20 free throw attempts) and gets the chase down block on Nick Johnson

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Andrew Wiggins Nick Johnson

So the Cavs are open to trading Wiggins for Kevin Love. Well, according to the latest rumors out of Cleveland but  don’t be surprised to hear different today or tomorrow.

“That’s why they call them rumors,” Blatt said after a 96-90 Cavaliers loss. “Sooner or later, in one’s career, you’re going have to deal with it. So if he has to deal with it now, then so be it. It’s the summer league. He’s learning everything as he goes along.”

Regardless of the rumors, Wiggins was on display last night against the Rockets and put up a nice stat line that included 15 of 20 from the free throw line.  I have no clue what the Summer League free throw attempts record is but i’m assuming 20 has to be high on the list.  Wiggins also made 3 field goals to give him 21 points in his 31 minutes of PT.

On the defensive end, Wiggins looked like (maybe) future teammate LeBron James with a chase down block on Nick Johnson.


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