Andrew Wiggins will be in the NBA Dunk Contest

Remember that disappointing “Dunks After Dunk” exhibition the Timberwolves marketed as a Wiggins vs LaVine dunk contest? No! That’s probably because the dunk contest never happened. But according to Andrew Wiggin’s dad, we might be seeing it next month since Andrew has agreed to participate in the upcoming NBA dunk contest.

I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time until we hear about the other Bounce Brother, Zach LaVine, agreeing to it.

Then let’s just hope the NBA doesn’t find more ways of screwing up the dunk contest and doesn’t put Andrew and Zach on the same team (God, that team idea is horrible). But if they had to do a team concept, I wouldn’t mind seeing a rookie vs vet contest.  The rookies could include Wiggins, KJ McDaniels and former Ballislife All-Americans Zach LaVine, Glenn Robinson and Nick Johnson.

I’m excited!