Andrew Wiggins Won’t Do The Dunk Contest Because He Felt He Was Robbed In A High School Contest

As the NBA desperately tries to find a couple guys to “compete” with Zach LaVine in this month’s upcoming NBA dunk contest, LaVine’s teammate Andrew Wiggins has no intentions of being one of those guys.

“My story is, I lost in high school, right when I was in the McDonald’s [All-]American Game, so I really don’t do … dunks anymore,” Wiggins told ESPN. “I kind of retired that back, left that in high school, so I don’t really do it anymore.

“I lost. I’m not doing it again. Maybe one day, but right now, I lost in high school and I thought I should’ve won”

What  makes this so disappointing, besides the fact that the All-Star game is in Toronto, where Wiggins was born, is Wiggins is one of the few guys in the league that can actually do “show” dunks and a household name among casual NBA fans.  There’s some great dunkers in the league but the NBA doesn’t want them because they aren’t marketable names.

Since last year’s rookie of the year doesn’t want to do it, I think the potential rookie of the year Karl Anthony Towns should do it…as long as he leaves the blindfold at home.

Here’s the McDonalds dunk contest Wiggins was in. Do you think he should have won?

Just in case you are hoping Wiggins will change his mind….