Angels Gate Park

For some, Mondays are the most difficult days to get a rhythm going for the entire week.  People claim to have a “case of the Mondays” every Monday.  I’d say theres an app for that, but there isn’t… or is there?   The Solution, start your day with some sort of activity and consistency.


A couple weeks back I took the opportunity to rise up early and get some shots up.  The location, Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, CA.  Considering it’s right off the coast overlooking the Pacific. Not to mention the rims and asphalt make for solid hooping grounds.  What’s a better way to start your week off with a morning shoot around with a view such as the California coast?  The morning of I packed up, threw on my All-American Shorts, along with the RFD backpack to carry my shoot around essentials & my morning snacks (I’m a snacker, see my office desk drawer & I’m stacked on goods), laced up my J’s, and I was set.


Early mornings are the best time of the day to produce a solid workout. Physical activity in the morning can lead to a more productive day, a boosted metabolism system, and better overall sleep. You don’t have to pump iron and lift heavy sets in the morning, it can be as simple as stretching or running. Or in my case draining jumpers off the coast.  Believe me, it was tough at first to get consistent with a solid schedule of waking up early, but once you get into the rhythm of it you’re body will thank you for it.

ByJuice ByJuice ByJuice ByJuice

I also had some time to check out the Sunken City which isn’t too far away from Angels Gate Park. So I made the quick trek over with my camera to check out the Sunken City’s landscape. The place is just covered in graffiti overlooking another region of the Pacific.  40,000 square feet of land that began to slide straight down into the ocean back in 1929. Slabs of concrete draped in graffiti is what remains. Thus known as “Sunken City” made for a  nice spot to finish up the rest of my snacks I had stored in my bag.  That Monday was lit.

ByJuice ByJuice ByJuice

Maybe I’ll catch some of ya’ll at your local courts in the near future.  Don’t forget to swing by the online shop to cop your own gear!

Wordplay & Stills from yours truly,