Ankle Breakers Vol. 2, Sit Yo A$$ Down!! Reacted to by Cheez

Welcome to our new series featuring one of the funniest dudes we know, Cheez.

In this series Cheez will be watching and reacting to some of our most popular and recent videos to give you the viewer not only his reaction but from time to time his advice.

Cheez watches Ankle Breakers Vol 2 which was first released back on Oct. 12, 2013.

Just some recap facts on the video itself -

-133 Ankles Broken
-58 Ass to the Ground Drops
-19 Behind the Back Crossovers
-16 Sit Yo Ass Down’s
-13 Defenders Tried to Catch Their Fall
-7 Pairs of Hands in The Air, Wave ‘Em You Just Don’t Care
-6 Nutmegs
-5 Shamgods
-2 Austin Rivers Sightings
-1 Kneeling Prayer
-1 Defender Who Turned All The Way Around
-1 Old Man
Countless crushed dreams