Another Day Another LaVine dunk (360 windmill + between the legs off the bounce)

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Zach LaVine

You know the NBA PR Machine loves you when they are willing to show a dunk from a Summer League game that happened after the game was over.  That’s what they did after Zach LaVine threw down a 360 windmill dunk after the Wolves victory over the Suns on Wednesday. But I’m not complaining because that was a great dunk.

Then last night, before the Wolves game with the Kings, LaVine warmed up by throwing down some very very easy and routine dunks for him including a between the legs dunk that the NBA feels is “sick” and worthy of being in the dunk contest.

LaVine is ready for the dunk contest. He’s been ready and qualified to win it since his high school days but saying he “looks ready” because of these warm-up dunks is a joke. We all know if LaVine went out and did these dunks in the NBA Dunk Contest (will it be a contest this year or still just an exhibition) he would get scores that Gerald Wallace would laugh at.

Don’t think I’m “hating” on LaVine.  I’m the unofficial president of his fanclub and already asked Mr. Wan at the Houston Flea Market to make me a Wolves jersey with LaVine on the back (the V was upside down so I had to send it back) but I’m just saying these dunks….

are nice but take it from somebody who took the following pics over a year ago, you haven’t seen anything yet.

2013_bil_ZACH (1)



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