Anthony Davis & Family are disappointed he’s not going to play for Charlotte

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Anthony Davis

“A lot of disappointment inside my family. My mom wanted me to go to Charlotte. I have a lot of good friends in Charlotte,’’ Davis said during an appearance on the Dan Patrick radio show.

“At the same time, it wasn’t my call. A lot of guys are disappointed, but they have to move on and make the best out of New Orleans.’’

What happened to the days when guys were just excited to make it in the league?  Actually that was a real long time ago.  It’s also been a while since a player said they wanted to play for the Bobcats but I guess Davis, who is from Chicago and wears #23, isn’t afraid of playing for his Airness or becoming Kwame2.0.

Speaking of Charlotte, Ballislife will be in Charlotte next weekend for the Sprite Showdown, Uncontainable & NBA3X games.


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