Anthony Davis’ Funny & Awkward Media Promo Session

This video of Anthony Davis filming promo drops and loops might be the most awkward AD video since his “I love it” video (no link will be provided) from college. I kept thinking the voices in the background were going to eventually tell him he’s being pranked.

In other Pelicans news, the four-time All-Star thinks the current roster — with the additions of Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen — might be the most talented one he’s played on.

“I think right now if you look at our roster, all of our guys could easily be in our rotation,” Davis said on media day. “I think this is probably the most talented roster we’ve had. But that’s only on paper, we’ve got to go out and prove it.”

And here’s Boogie Cousins talking about his improved chemistry with Davis.

And here’s a compilation of amusing AD videos, not featuring the college video.