Antoine Walker inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame | Posts Depressing Tweets

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Antoine Walker

Antoine Walker has always been a favorite of hecklers and critics who joked about his shot selection while he was in the NBA and his financial situation since those days.  Last month, there was actually something positive said about Antoine when he was inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame along with his ex coach Rick Pitino, ex high school teammate & future NFL player Donovan McNabb and Mark Aguirre but that news went under the radar.  Earlier this week, a lonely sounding Walker took to Twitter to post some depressing tweets and the media quickly jumped on the story and mostly poked fun at it.

The tweets started off with a bunch of old photos of the “good old days” with ex teammates and coaches, pics of his shoes, pics of his daughter then retweets about loyalty and then a few asking where his friends that can’t get a call back are at.  They might sound over dramatic but no more than most of your Facebook and Twitter friends that either make preachy posts about how great the world is or suicidal posts because they are having a bad moment.  I know that half of the status updates I read from people that post inspirational God is Good, my wife and husband are the greatest and I can’t wait to tackle the day type posts spend most of their day whining about their job, school, daily routine and that 1 co-worker, neighbor, classmate or friend that said something negative about them.  I wonder how suicidal they would feel if every major news outlet with a digital outreach of millions was laughing and criticizing them because they were feeling down.


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