Aquille Carr scores 22 again (10pts in 3mins & 20pts in 10 mins) and gets ejected in loss

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The last thing I said after Aquille Carr's breakout game where he scored 22 points in 19 minutes on Wednesday night was "Unfortunately for the Sevens, they lost their 5th out of 7 games so far this season but after this performance they might have found an answer in the form of The Answer 2.0."  Well, unfortunately for the Sevens they had a rematch with the 6-0 Stampede last night and lost again (by 27) but they did receive a great encore performance from "The Answer 2.0."

Carr scored 10 points in his first 3.5 minutes and had 20 points at half-time, including 18 of the team's 22,  in just 10 minutes of action.  Things got much worse for Carr and the Sevens in the third quarter that saw the team down by as much as 37 and Carr ejected with 20 seconds left.  He left the game with an impressive 22 points on 8 of 13 shooting with 2 3-pointers in just 14 minutes of PT.

Coach Rod Baker had some compliments for Carr.

“He’s very, very good with the basketball in his hands. He needs to get better at involving others. He knows how to score. But he’s got to figure out better who he’s playing against because these groups are now bigger. He can’t get away with the stuff he got away with.”

But was equally disappointed with Carr's ejection.

“It’s not about him,” Baker said. “It’s about us ... This is part of the maturation process for him – physically and emotionally and professionally.’’

It looks like the marketing people at the Sevens and D-League are finally listening to us and realizing they have a player that people want to see.  The D-League YouTube channel released a mix of Carr's 19 minute 22 point performance from Wednesday and most of the tweets going out about the league are all about the player that we were so honored to have play in our Ballislife All-American game this year.

Source: Deleware Online

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