Aquille Carr getting ready for the NBA Draft & says he would beat Nate Robinson in a game of 1-on1

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High School Phenom and 2013 Ballislife All-American Aquille Carr recently talked to TMZ and The Runner Sports about his maturation after being cut from the D-League and preparation for the next NBA Draft.

“It helped me mature more, playing with guys that are in the NBA now, living that lifestyle, I learned a lot.” said Carr.

Carr has been in New York, working out 3 times a day, with an emphasis on his jump shot and ball control.  But he’s very aware that one of the biggest knocks on him isn’t what he does on the court but what he’s done off of it.

“I don’t look back on my past. I’m on to better things, learning, working hard and trusting in god more.”

“As a player, (NBA teams) are going to get a hard worker. There 24/7, showing up before practice, getting up shots.”

As humble as he sounded answering most of the questions, the fun and confidence came out when  TMZ asked him who would win in a one-on-one game between him and Nate Robinson and Carr responded, without hesitation, “Aquille Carr The Crimestopper, no doubt.”

Source: TMZ Sports & Runner Sports



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