Austin Rivers Suffers Nasty Finger Injury On A Questionable Offensive Foul

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CJ McCollum Austin Rivers

If you are squeamish and/or get easily grossed out by gore or visuals of bodily harm then I suggest you stay away from the latest torture porn (a sub genre of horror films with excessive gore) flick ‘Jigsaw’ and you skip over the 27 second mark to the 43 second mark of this video of Austin Rivers dislocating his finger during the finals seconds of the Clippers dramatic win against the Blazers.

If suffering the injury wasn’t bad enough, the refs called Rivers for an offensive foul (his 5th) instead of putting him at the free throw line, where he could have put the Clippers up by three.

After having his finger popped back into place, Rivers went back into the game and picked up his sixth foul within a second later. Lucky for the Clippers, the Basketball Gods made CJ McCollum miss one of two free throws and then Blake Griffin knocked down a three at the buzzer to give the Clips a 104-103 victory. The game winner made Rivers forget about the pain in his finger as he ran onto the court to give Griffin a chest bump and the Heimlich maneuver.

Rivers finished the game with 16 points, tying his season-high from the Clippers’ last game.

Speaking of finger injuries and Los Angeles players, here’s a great throwback video of Lakers trainer Gary Vitti popping Kobe Bryant’s dislocated finger back into place in front of a shocked women (28 second mark).