Awkward interview between Shaq & Javale McGee “I don’t watch Shaqtin a Coon”

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“This interview has taken an unexpected turn”

This had to be one of the best and most awkward interviews ever on Inside The NBA.  Javale McGee was the guest and if you are familiar with Inside The NBA then you are aware that McGee is in the “Shaqtin a Fool” hall of fame for the most frequent and probably memorable appearances.   Javale didn’t sound too excited to hear the birthday boy Shaq’s voice and when asked about the show, McGee said he “doesn’t watch Shaqtin a Coon” and says he thinks of   Shaq as “a bully that likes him.”   Shaq tried to make light of it, complimented Javale and said he was the original Javale McGee back in his early days when he was playing with Penny Hardaway who just happened to be there to the surprise of McGee.

This whole interview belongs on a future episode of Shaqtin a Fool.

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