Ayesha Curry Says NBA is Rigged & Dad Was Racially Profiled During GM6 Twitter Meltdown

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Steph Curry

Watching NBA golden boy Steph Curry explode, throw his mouthpiece and hit a fan after fouling out in game 6 was shocking; Watching his lovely classy wife, Ayesha Curry, explode on Twitter with accusations of the NBA being rigged, her father being racially profiled by the Cleveland police, her cousin being denied entry into a local casino and all of the Cavs’ family members being denied early entry into the game by the Cavs security was even more shocking.

After a few minutes and tens of thousands of retweets, Ayesha deleted her atomic bomb of a tweet about the NBA rigging the Finals for ratings. But the damage was done. A minute online is the equivalent of days offline. Screenshots were circulating, blog entries and articles were being written and the people of Twitter responded to Ayesha with some of the most savage and disrespectful comments and memes I’ve ever seen.