Bad Grandpa vs Uncle Drew vs Grandmama vs Spiderman


It’s been a good weekend for old people.  The Jackass spin-off “Bad Grandpa” beat the crap out of Ridley’s Scott & Cormac McCarthy’s “The Counselor” with $32.1 million at the box office.

Then yesterday afternoon, Pepsi released part 3 of the Uncle Drew series starring Kyrie Irving, Nate Robinson and Maya Moore as old ballers that can still teach the youngbloods a thing or two on the court.  The video has over 1.3 million views in less than 24 hours and from the positive responses and view rate it looks like it should be able to surpass the 9 million by the Uncle Drew sequel.  It is as unlikely to match the 27 million of the original Pepsi video as Bad Grandpa is likely to match the $20 million Jackass 3-D which grossed over $171 million worldwide, but you can bet there will be another appearance from Drew & Bad Grandpa in the near future.

If only both worlds could collide!

While we are creating fantasy crossovers, I wouldn’t mind seeing Uncle Drew’s crossover cross paths with the Professor’s Spiderman series that left us with a cliffhanger featuring the king of crossovers – Jamal Crawford.  But, considering Disney owns Marvel and recently replaced all their Pepsi products with Coke products in their theme parks, you can bet some cease-and-desist letters would stop that crossover from happening.

So, I’ll stick with Nike characters and I wouldn’t mind seeing Dr Funk of the Roswell Rayguns come out of retirement and bring some of that 1975 Bootsy Collins funk to the film but I also need a cameo by Larry “Grandmama” Johnson and his/her Converse sneakers!






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