Ball Don’t Lie: 90% Free Throw Shooter Chris Paul Misses 2 Straight After Questionable Foul Call On Vince Carter

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I agree with the foul call on Vince Carter, but I don’t think the refs should have awarded Chris Paul with three free throws. The Basketball Gods didn’t either and that’s why the 90% free throw shooter – with his improved eye sight thanks to Lasik eye surgery – missed the first two attempts. It’s the first misses for CP3 in the past five games and the first time this season he’s missed two free throws in a single game.  You have to go all the way back to March, when he shot 11 of 13 in a game, to see him miss two and those two weren’t consecutive like these. The rare sight caused Vince Carter and TV commentator Mark Jackson to say Rasheed Wallace’s infamous words: “Ball Don’t Lie.”

Besides missing the free throws, Paul struggled all night on the offensive end, making just 3 of 11 shots from the field in the heartbreaking loss. His hustle and defense (5 steals) were great, as evident by this video of him recovering after getting his layup blocked by Andrew Harrison.