Ballislife DVD Trailer from 2006 (LeBron, Rose, Vince in high school)

Near the end of 2006 we were debating how good top 5 NBA draft picks Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas and Shelden Williams were going to be.  How many more MVPs can Steve Nash win. If the dunk contest was back (Magic Johnson voice) after watching Nate Robinson jump over Spud Webb. How the hell did Kobe Bryant average 35 points a game and why Gilbert Arenas deserves to be in the same sentence with LeBron, Iverson and Kobe.   We were also all excited about the release of Vol 1 of the Ballislife DVD.

Back in 06, I wasn't a member of the Ballislife family yet, but was a Ballislife fan because the main mixmaker at Ballislife, MixTapeLive, was known as the Kobe Bryant of the mixtape world!  So this end of the year Mixtape DVD was near the top of my Christmas wish list along with a Microsoft Xbox 360 & Zune player, a Toshiba HD DVD player (because we all knew Blu-Ray wouldn't survive), tickets to see "Pan's Labryinth" and Saddam Hussein getting the death sentence.

It was a great Christmas in 06 and a better ride with Ballislife since.


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  1. PLEASE tell me the name of the song on the Hoopmixtape vol 1 DVD (2006) when James White is dunking. I know it’s Little Brother or at least it’s a song ft Little Brother.

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