#ballislife Original Slash Tee

This year we plan on dropping a lot of cool stuff. Being the head designer for #ballislife I want to make sure I share with you each and every new item we drop from here on out. So this essentially is....my message....to you all.....that I...will be blogging more often.

Our most popular t-shirt has been remixed quite a bit over the years, from camo, to hundred dollar bills, to basketball puff print mesh to like 25 different colors. I am excited to say we are now launching a new "slash" tee which will be dropped in an array of different colors. What I was going for in this design was #quick. When I used to hoop like....wayyyyy back in the day at local gyms etc, I was known for my first step. This slash tee represents a ball player with flare and style with it's tear away look. It's almost as if you are tearing away layers which reveal new colors or in the sense of quickness "gears of speed".

For starters, we are dropping it in a heather grey & black tee color way. The grey having a red/black/grey/white slash while the black tee has an orange/grey/black color blend to it. These just dropped for $20, lookout for new drops of some way back retro coming soon. Trust me, you will like what you wear if you wear #bilgear

original-slash-blackorange original-slash-greyred