Ballislife's Best Moments of 2012!

With less than 8 hours until the fireworks go off representing the end of 2012, i'm sitting here reflecting on all of the great moments of the past 12  months with my Ballislife family.  I say family because the members of this clique don't see the hours on red eye flights, filming on the baseline, editing in hotel rooms, interviewing in the locker room or typing away thoughts at 4am on an iphone, ipad or imac as billable hours or a 9 to 5 but a lifestyle.  We don't clock in or clock out and the only overtime we know is the one where clutch superstars show us why we love this game - this life.

It would be impossible for me to make a top 10 list or rank all of the great people and moments that we met and experienced.  We saw high school superstars from Andrew Wiggins to Jabari Parker to two sets of twins in high school.  We saw kids in 4th and 5th grade show us the future while Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love showed us that old folks can still school youngbloods. We saw inspirational ballers that showed us anything is possible from one arm Zach Hodskins to 5'5 dunk phenom Porter Maberry.  We saw taller dunk phenoms defy gravity from Kirpartrick McCauley touching the top of the backboard to Gerald Green examining the top of the rim to Kenny Dobbs showing Kobe and LeBron that every dunk has not been done.  We saw Team USA show the world that they are the best...but not best ever.  We saw records broken even if it was a disgrace,  we saw ankles broken and then dunks in the face. We saw more ballers rapping, 2Chainz balling and the pleasure of rapper of the year Kendrick Lamar performing at our 2nd Ballislife All-American Game.  We played harder, we laughed harder and we trained harder...but maybe not as hard as Jacob Tucker.  So with the hard, next to impossible task, of ranking these moments, I'm just going to break up the year into topics with links to the most popular and favorite stories of the year.

Enjoy and thank you to all the players, partners, affiliates and fans that support us, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, watch us on YouTube, share pics with us on Instagram, keep up with us on the Ballislife app when they are supposed to be learning math in class and special thank you to everybody with Ballislife gear and socks on their feet to keep them warm this Christmas and hot on the court.


  • 1 arm Zach Hodskins shows us why excuses are worthless - Video
  • 5'5 dunker Porter Maberry makes LeBron jump out of his seat at the barbershop - Video | Video
  • 4'4 Mani Love takes over the Venice Beach League - Video
  • Jacob Tucker, 5'11 white dunker with a 50 inch vert, takes training in the gym to a new level - Video
  • Tyreke Evans in his own words - Video


  • Andrew Wiggins Official Mixtape - Video
  • Jabari Parker is the Best Player in the Nation Junior Mixtape - Video
  • 5'7 Aquille Carr is the most exciting player in high school - Video
  • Best of the 2012 Ballislife All-Amercian Game w/ Gabe York, Glen Robinson III, Katin Reinhardt & more - Video
  • Shabazz Muhammad Senior Mixtape - Video
  • Gabe York Senior Mixtape - Video
  • 15 year old Marcus Lovett aka Fresh Five Seven could be the best player in Class of 2015 - Video
  • Aaron Gordon Junior Season Mixtape -  Video
  • Shaquille Johnson - Best dunker in high school - Video


  • Harrison Twins are the best duo in the nation - Video
  • University of Kentucky Wins the Harrison Twins Sweepstakes - Video
  • The Neal Twins, Derrick & Erick - Sophomore Mix - Video
  • The Neal Twins - Best handles in 2014? - Video


  • 4th grader Mike Miles - point guard prodigy - Video
  • 5th grader Julian Newman plays on varsity high school basketball team - Video
  • 6'3 8th grader Zach Norvell is Chi town's coldest young shooter - Video


  • Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love show us that Uncles don't have to be creepy - Video | Video
  • 75 year old grandma makes 200 shots a day & 76 year old auditions for the D-League - Video
  • Rasheed Wallace says "old enough to beat your your ass" when fan asked about his age - Video | Video


  • Ballislife Posterized Mix -Best dunks since 2006 - Video
  • Gerald Green gives us the instagram pic of the year that doesn't involve a mirror - Video
  • Kirpatrick McCauley makes history and touches the top of the backboard - Video
  • Kenny Dobbs wins the Sprite Showdown in front of LeBron & Kobe w/ the most difficult dunk ever - Video | Video
  • Anthony Smith (who?) almost dunks from the free throw line off two feet - Video
  • 5'5 Porter Maberry dunks over a 6'8 guy - Video
  • Meet G-Smith formerly the world's most underrated dunker - Video
  • T-Dub wins legendary dunk contest vs Jus Fly & Rude Boi - Video


  • Scores 68 points in 15 minutes in China Charity game - Video
  • Celebrates turning 34 with the 34 most amazing Kobe moments - Video
  • 1st and 30,000th career points - Video
  • Challenged by Kyrie Irving in a game of 1-on-1 for $50k  - Video
  • Watches the "Kobe death stare video" and laughs - Video
  • Road to a high school championship - Video
  • Kobe responds to Jordan "He knows a bad MF" - More


  • Team USA beats Nigeria by 83, Melo hits 10 3pointers - Video
  • Blake Griffin dunk exhibition in US A practice - Video
  • James Harden gets his ankles broken vs Nigeria - Video
  • Ricky Rubio tells Kobe US team will take Silver & Kobe says sh**************t! - Video
  • Not another (I would bet my life on the) Dream Team vs Team USA article - Video
  • Team USA basketball blooper reel - Video


  • John Wall Summer Mixtape - Video
  • DeMar DeRozan Summer Mixtape - Video
  • Aaron Harrison Summer Mixtape - Video
  • Kuran Iverson (AI cousin) Summer Mixtape - Video
  • 7'5 Mamadou Ndiaye high school Summer Mixtape - Video


  • Allen Iverson breaks ankle in Chinese Exhibition game - Video
  • Jameer Nelson breaks Pierce's ankles - Video
  • Jamal Crawford breaks Gay's ankles - Video
  • Top 10 Crossovers of December  - Video
  • Full NBA Ankle Breakers DVD - Video


  • Jack Taylor scores 138 points - Video
  • Emotional Stephon Marbury wins CBA Championship - Video
  • Wade leaves Nike for Li-Ning - Video
  • Best of Indoor 3-on-3 event - Video
  • BIL  interview with Teddy Dupay - best scorer you have never heard of - Video
  • BIL interview with Ronnie Fields about documentary "Bounce Back" - Video
  • BIL tell all Interview with Isaiah Rider - Video
  • Kendrick Lamar returns to Compton - Video


  • ESPN Micahel Jordan commercial - It's not crazy it's sports - Video
  • ItsReal85: LeBron tries to recurit John Wall & Gerald Green - Video
  • Blake Griffin KIA Commercial - Video | Video
  • ItsReal85: NBA Disrespectful Moments Trilogy - Video
  • DeAndre Jordan prank show "Got Em" - Video
  • ItsReal85: KG threatens to kill Ray Allen - Video
  • Blake Griffin & the Lucas Bros discuss NBA2k13 - Video
  • ItsReal85: Dwight Howard prank calls Andrew Bynum - Video
  • Kevin Love & Twolves Jazz Video for Salvation Army - Video

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