Ballup’s Special FX talks J.Cole back in college & Shaq owing him $5k from a dunk contest bet

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Shaquille O’Neal Ron Artest recently interviewed two of the best in the streetball and dunk world, Mr Afrika and Special FX, about the Ballup TV show and streetball tour.

If you don’t know who Ryan “Special FX” Williams is, he’s a real character and a St Johns, And1, Rucker Park veteran that has won just about every dunk contest he’s ever participated in including the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown and Shaquille O’Neal Dunkman contest back in 2008.   For that Dunkman contest, he won $10,000 but was given a personal challenge by Shaq to complete a 360 behind the back dunk for an additional $5k.   FX made the dunk but 4 years later, Shaq still hasn’t paid up.  When asked what FX plans to do about it, he hilariously responds “nothing!”   Seriously Shaq, a man that has never spent 1 penny from his NBA contracts that equaled over $292 million should not be owing a couple grand to anybody.

FX also talked about seeing St John’s alumni J.Cole back in the day wearing a Roc-a-fella chain around school and threw out a challenge to one of hip hop’s best.  I wouldn’t mind seeing the two play a game of one on one with Angela Simmons (another alumni) cheering them on.  Winner takes on Metta World Peace – who I think is the only player currently in the NBA from St John’s University.

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