Bananas & Snowconing: The Full Funny Video of LeBron “Mocking The Media”

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LeBron James

“Why are you eating a banana, LeBron? Does that mean you going slip on a banana peel out of Cleveland?”

You might have seen Shaqtin’ a Fool producer Mike Goldfarb’s Vine video (above) of LeBron “mocking the media” and their stupid questions – yes, at least 90% of media questions for athletes are stupid. What you probably haven’t seen is the full video, which includes Richard Jefferson’s answer that had LeBron cracking up.

“Why, because Channing likes to be snowconed.”

If you didn’t have much of a response to Jefferson’s joke, then I’m assuming you had visions of Channing Frye enjoying a fruity flavored icee treat at a fair. If you laughed or shook your head in disgust, then I’m assuming you had a vision of Channing you wish you didn’t.

Anyways, hopefully the same media people who actually care about LeBron eating a banana, or if he prefers the ones from Miami, or if he would like to share some with Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, don’t take this video too seriously.  Just watch it and laugh at it the way LeBron laughed at RJ’s joke.