Warren Sapp auctions sneaker collection for $6K

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Warren Sap Auction | Warren Sap

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sap filed for bankruptcy last year after accumulating millions in debt.  To earn some money for the creditors, Sapp has been auctioning off personal belongings such as the 213 pairs of Nike shoes he’s accumulated over the years.  They only sold for $6,390 so that’s probably enough to pay for a week of interest on the debt he owes.

What I find interesting is last year in August, Sapp put up his 215 count sneaker collection for sale on Ebay and it “sold” for $16,800 but I have a feeling the buyer didn’t come through and the 213 pairs sold in the auction are the same from the Ebay sale minus the two that Sapp wanted to keep…or needs.

Click here to view TMZ’s gallery of Sapp’s sneakers. 

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