Banned By the NBA – The Shoe Technology of APL Ep.1

Remember those banned shoes from the NBA that supposedly increases your vertical by 3.5 inches?  Well, they’re still around.  Yes, Athletic Propulsion Lab still exists & they’re still making noise in the sneaker industry without the NBA.

Founded by the Goldston twins who first began designing their proprietary six-spring shoe mechanism out of their dorm room at the University of Southern California.  First making their debut in 2010, the NBA instantly banned the shoe from the league after learning that the sneaker had the ability to increase an individuals vertical by 3.5 inches.  Although that was just the beginning for APL.  Being banned by the NBA helped the start up company sell 9 months worth of inventory 72 hours.  Check the video above to follow the brothers as they carry on the legacy that never made it to the league.


Source: HB