Barkley and Kenny Smith debate how to stop a team with a high scorer

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In the 80’s, the strategy to beat the pre Pippen Bulls was to let Jordan score his 30, 40, 50 or 60 points and make sure that Steve Colter, Earl Cureton, Granville Waiters, Dave Corzine, Brad Sellers and the Oak man didn’t score many points.  Granted it didn’t take collapsing defense to stop some of those guys but the philosophy was let the main scorer score and shut down the rest.

On Inside The NBA, the Jet and Barkley debated on this philosophy and whether you should let a Carmleo score 30+ or not to beat the Knicks.  That philosophy  might work with non playoff teams like an early MJ Bulls team but it’s not going to work with most playoff teams especially a team with 6th Man of the Year JR Smith on it.

The other funny story in this video is Barkley talking about how he was pissed that Nike (who he was also signed to) made a commercial with Sprewell and Webber talking about Webber’s dunk on him.  Barkley got his revenge by lighting up the Warriors for a playoff career high 56 and sweeping them in the first round.

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