Barkley says Clyde Drexler was jealous of Jordan | Drexler/Hakeem/MJ almost teammates

Clyde Drexler hasn’t been the most popular Dream Team member this summer. First there’s the controversy about comments he made about Magic Johnson and now Charles Barkley is on ESPN radio saying he felt Drexler had jealously problems.

Here’s a recap from ESPN

“I think Clyde has always been jealous of Michael (Jordan), to be honest with you,” Barkley said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I think he’s always wanted to be compared to Michael.

“Hey, we all want to be compared to Michael, but we’re not. Clyde was a great player, but there was always that jealousy of Michael. That was one of the incidents and things about the Dream Team, Clyde was trying to play like it was Game 7 against Michael, and that’s probably not a good idea. When Michael is driving his kids to school, he thinks it’s Game 7.”

And as far as what Drexler reportedly said about Magic Johnson in Jack McCallum’s book: “Dream Team,” Barkley picked a side in a dispute. McCallum wrote that Drexler said that people pitied Magic because of his HIV diagnosis and that was the only reason he was on the Dream Team. But Drexler later denied it and said the quotes were “totally ludicrous.”

“I like Clyde Drexler, but Jack McCallum is a great guy, and I don’t think he would misinterpret anything,” Barkley said. “I saw some of the statements. I thought they were not very cool at all. I don’t think Jack’s going to make up … first of all, he doesn’t have to make up anything. … If I had to believe somebody, I would probably believe Jack McCallum.”


Interesting fact that many people might not know is that the reason why the Trailblazers passed on drafting Michael Jordan is because they already had Clyde Drexler (I would have passed on MJ too if I had Drexler) but Jordan, Hakeem and Clyde actually could have become teammates.

According to Hakeem Olajuwon in his book “Living the Dream,” Before the 1984 draft, the Blazers offered Drexler, Fat Lever & the #2 pick for Ralph Sampson.  The Rockets would have selected Hakeem with the #1 pick and then Jordan with the #2 pick.   You can talk all you want about the big 3 in Miami or what Boston had but MJ, Hakeem and Clyde would have been the Big 3 of all Big 3s (Lever was no scrub either – he’s actually one of the most underrated players ever IMO).  If this would have went down, I think the 80s championship toss up would have been alternating between the Lakers, Celtics and Rockets.

Since that never happened let’s take a look at what did happen, which was a lot of great matchups between MJ and the “jealous one”

1988: MJ 52 points, 8rebs | Clyde 42pts, 9ast, 8stls

1987: MJ 53 points


1992 Finals: MJ 39pts

1992 Finals: Top 21 Plays by Clyde Drexler

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