Barkley yells at flopping Lithuanian player during Olympics

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Charles Barkley

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The NBA unveiled an updated version of the flopping policy this week for the NBA playoffs.  The main difference is during the regular season a flopper/Clipper gets a call from the NBA to tell them to pretty please not do it again because the NBA PR people don’t appreciate it and the next time they do it they will be fined and have to pay out their make it reign money for the weekend.   In the playoffs, there’s no warning, just an automatic fine in the amount that some players make during time-outs.

I don’t think the warning is necessary either unless it came in the form of an angry elbow throwing US repping Charles Barkley that is willing to get off the bench to yell at you.  During the 92 Dream Team takeover, a player from the Lithuanian team discovered that Barkley doesn’t appreciate flopping when he flopped near the US bench and a slim Barkley quickly popped up to deliver some classic line that I wish we knew.   Since we don’t, I’ll just bring up this classic line Charles said during the Olympics when asked about the physical play of Angola.

“People always say turn the other cheek. If you turn the other cheek, I’m gonna hit you in the other cheek too.” – Barkley 



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