Barkley yells at refs "We don't all look alike" after a bad call

Here's a classic Charles Barkley moment from 1995. After a foul was committed by either Dikembe Mutombo or Antonio McDyess, Barkley goes into comic mode when the refs call it on Reggie Williams.

"We don't all look alike, Joe!"

The routine even put a smile on the face of Antonio McDyess, who put up 17 and 16.  Mutombo would foul out later in the game but the Nuggets still won despite 29 points and 9 rebounds from Charles Barkley...who also fouled out late in the triple OT game. Two other players would also fouled out as a total of 54 fouls were called in this one.

Denver's Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was the star of the game with 30 points, 20 assists and 8 rebounds.

As for the not looking a like thing. I wish Steve Smith would have yelled that when he was on CNN earlier in the week and they called him Stephen A. Smith.

Another great upload from: LamarMatic


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