Baron Davis talks about being abducted by Aliens…

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Sam Cassell Baron Davis James Harden

Let me start this post off by saying that Baron Davis is one of my all-time favorite players and no matter what James Harden does with his beard, BDiddy will always have the coolest beard in NBA history. With that said, Baron can produce some serious WTF moments off the court.  I’m cool with his fashion but was a little confused with his alter ego Brian Davies and was kind of speechless after hearing that Boom Dizzle said he was abducted by Aliens while doing a recent podcast episode of The Champs.

I’m speechless not because I don’t believe people can be abducted by The Third Kind but because Davis didn’t recognize the ET was Sam I Am!



I’m obviously kidding about Sam. Here’s real proof it wasn’t Champion Cassell.


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