Baron Davis talks about being a “dominant fat” & making a NBA comeback

Nothing against James Harden but Baron Davis was, is and will always be my favorite beard in NBA history. The current TV host of the show “How I Rock it” on Esquire Network recently teamed up with his step-brother, Steve Nash, to film this comeback mockumentary video that hurts me more than the Lenny Cooke documentary. Actually, that pain is a pain in the stomach from laughter because the video is hilarious, especially the part where the man nicknamed Boom Dizzle talks about his stomach.

“A lot of people call me fat boy. I don’t think I’m Charles Barkley fat. I’m more like a Shaq fat. A dominant fat good.”

Steve Nash, who actually has a popular Steve Nash Diet plan that excludes sugar, gluten, fats, and processed foods, tries to give Davis some tips on healthy eating. The thought of eliminating Pizza from his menu was out of the question.

It was nice to see Nash having fun again after a disappointing return to the Lakers and this serious episode of Grantland’s “The Finish Line” series, which chronicles his return.

Back to B-Diddy, who has been out of the league for about “20 months,” he’s obviously joking about returning to the NBA, but for those who never got a chance to see him in his prime, I’m hoping the following videos will do his exciting basketball career some justice.










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