Baron Davis Ultimate Hornets Mixtape: Ridiculous Handles + Hops

If you put James Harden's beard on Russell Westbrook and gave him Kyrie Irving's handles, what would you have? My answer would be young, healthy Baron Davis aka B-Diddy aka Boom Dizzle aka Bulletproof. Actually, the former NBA All-Star and All-NBA guard didn't have a beard back in his Hornets days. What he did have was handles as quick as any guard in the league and poster making hops that rivaled Vinsanity in the early 00s. The triple-double threat also looked like he liked to eat double and triple cheeseburger but he wasn't fat, he was a dominant fat or as Cartman would say, "big boned."

You are probably thinking I'm over exaggerating about how good the former NBA Skills champ was, well, thankfully the NBA (Nils!) put out this 'Baron Davis Ultimate Hornets Mixtape' to help back up my words.