Basketball Forever | End of an Era

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Kobe Bryant

Growing up the NBA played a massive role in my life. Throughout the season my tv would always be on some basketball game. NBA on NBC which later transitioned into ABC, the Lakers on KCAL, or even when the Clippers were on KTLA (no cable at my pad back then). At that time the league was being held down by players whom were drafted from the late 90's and early 2000's. It was awesome. Watching Kobe do Kobe things of course and the Air Canada theme which was highlighted by VC & Tmac. Can't forget about some classic big men duking it out such as Dirk & Timmy D. How about epic point guard battles with Baron Davis or Steve Francis. Point being, all those guys have racked up some milage on their bodies. Most have retired from the game already. Some found ways to implement basketball in their post NBA life and some are actually still hooping.

In todays basketball scene it's currently being highlighted by Kobe's farewell tour and the GSW who are just beasting throughout the regular season. Occasionally some of the "old fellas" would perform like their vintage selves. All in all the NBA is in good hands.  With a new generation gearing up for the future, Basketball Forever is paying homage to an era with a 12 part series. This Golden Era of basketball paved the way for the new generation.