Basketball Legend/Coach Andrew Gaze Shows His Players A Video Of Himself Posterizing A Defender


If you are an American under the age of 30, there’s a very good chance you have no idea who the white guy is next to Antonio Daniels. Sorry, you probably don’t know who Daniels is either. He’s the first black guy in the front row and he was also the 4th pick in the 1997 NBA draft that landed Duncan on the Spurs. See him? No, not Steve Kerr! The other white guy.

That white guy was not only a NBA champion with this Spurs club, he’s a two-time NBL champion and a basketball God in Australia, where he currently coaches the Sydney Kings. But even faithful followers of Gaze might not know about the time he murdered a man in 1994. Here’s an amusing video of him showing a few of his players evidence.

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One of the players Gaze showed the video to was high-flyer Travis Leslie, who once murdered DeMarcus Cousins. Here’s evidence of that crime, followed by a bunch of other nasty dunks from Leslie and a few clips on Gaze.