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Prep Hoops has offered a platform for prospects of all ranges over the years, blending those who are fighting to land on D3 rosters with a handful of prospects who will be playing at the highest level. Given the expansive and broad range of talent, there is no shortage of sleepers to be found throughout the Prep Hoops Circuit. Operating events in countless states throughout the grassroots season, there is a massive amount of talent to be found, especially at their Battle At The Lakes event.

One of the elite Prep Hoops Circuit events in terms of talent, the Battle At The Lakes brought some of the best independent teams from the Midwest along with a number of shoe sponsored teams who wanted to compete outside of their respective circuits. It provided a great opportunity to see some familiar faces, but more importantly, a better opportunity to find some new ones.

Here are some of the standouts from the Prep Hoops Battle At The Lakes:

Bradey Henige, 6’11, C, D1 Nation AZ 17U, 2024
In terms of sheer dominating statistical performances, Henige stole the show at Battle At The Lakes with his video game-esque 48-point, 22-rebound outing in the tourney’s opening night. The powerful lefty set massive screens, played well above the rim on both ends of the floor, and had no problem punishing the rim with countless dunks. Having run with AZ Unity in the EYBL, Henige has no shortage of experience playing elite competition and that was clearly evident over the weekend.

Lamont Hamilton Jr., 5’11, PG, Wisconsin Elite 17U, 2026
An unexpected addition to the event, Hamilton Jr. took the weekend off from his usual KL Power Five to get some run playing up two years with Wisconsin Elite. The lefty from Racine has downright blazing quickness, is fearless finishing through contact in the paint, and is a gifted natural scorer. Hamilton already owns D1 offers and is easily one of the most fiery players in the state of Wisconsin.

Andrew Jensen, 6’9, PF, All Wisconsin Platinum 15U, 2026
As far as long term potential is concerned, Jensen was right there amongst players with the highest ceiling at Prep Hoops. The lanky forward is elite running the floor, showed the ability to shoot the ball from beyond the three point arc, and has the agility to contain defensively in switching situations. Blending athleticism, skill, and a high level of productivity, Jensen is pushing for a spot as the top big man in Wisconsin’s 2026 class.

Jeremiah Sem, 6’4, SG, Sanford Sports 17U, 2024
In terms of single game performances at Battle At The Lakes, Sem had one of the very best, going 7-of-7 from 3-point range and hitting the game winner on Sunday against Minnesota Fury. Sem is a long armed guard who can defend multiple positions, is explosive attacking the rack via straight line drives, and is becoming an increasingly deadly 3-point shooter. One of the most exciting players in the Dakotas, Sem has already firmly established himself as a priority for a number of schools within the region.

Chase Thompson, 6’8, PF, D1 Minnesota 16U, 2025
With his entire squad playing up at the 17U level for the event, Thompson showed that he could hold it down against older competition and still produce at a high rate. He is a downright effortless shooter from beyond the 3-point arc, is really nice shooting on the move, and has shown improved athleticism from the high school season. Already standing every bit of 6-foot-8, he is the younger brother of 7-foot Treyton Thompson and doesn’t appear to be done growing anytime soon.

Tyler Forrest, 6’1, PG, Team Tyus 14U, 2027
With his entire Team Tyus squad playing up at the 15U level, Forrest showed that he’s already prepared to run the show against older competition. He scored double digits on varsity for Chaska as an eighth grader this past season, showing poise and maturity running a team dissimilar to most his age. Forrest is already outstanding in pick and roll play (both as a scorer and facilitator), can make high level passes to teammates in scoring positions, and has established himself as one of the best 2027 lead guards in the Midwest.

Kyle Jorgensen, 6’9, C, Minnesota Comets Elite 17U, 2024
One of the most unique players in the Midwest, Jorgensen is Minnesota’s high school version of Nikola Jokic. Matched up against Bradey Henige, he showed his ability to playmake from the center position, shoot the ball from beyond the arc (3 3PT), and utilize his body to create separation to get his shot off against more athletic defenders. The Minneapolis Washburn big man’s combination of perimeter skill, productivity, and ability to create for others have solidified his position as a D-1 prospect.


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