BBall Breakdown: Russell Westbrook Is Not As Good As You Think At The Rim

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Russell Westbrook

Ask most basketball fans to name the "best finishers around the rim" in the league and there's a good chance Russell Westbrook will be one of the first names mentioned. Why is that? Is it because of his memorable dunks or is it because he really is one of the best guards around the rim? In the latest must-see BBallBreakdown video, Coach Nick pulls out a few shocking stats and explains why Beastbrook "is not as good as you think at the rim" and what he can do to be better.

Coach Nick has taken some heat in the past for others videos on Westbrook (especially with videos like, "Why Westbrook was NOT the worst PG in NBA finals history") but whether you agree or disagree with Coach, you have to admit his breakdown videos are always worth viewing and discussing.