BBallBreakDown: How Team USA Could Lose In The Olympics

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Tony Parker

After Team USA beat Australia by 10 points, Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown released a video discussing “the Australian blueprint” and how it could be used to beat Team USA. My response was, “easier said than done.”

Then USA played Serbia and came away with just a 3 point win. Coach Nick released another video, this time titled, “How Team USA could lose in the Olympics.” Again, “easier said than done.”

On the day of this video’s release, the USA team played a Tony Parker-less France team and had another scare with another 3-point victory. My response was now, “maybe this journey to Gold isn’t going to be as easy I and many others thought.”

So sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these (very well made) Team USA breakdown videos in the near future but I am also guaranteeing Team USA will win the Gold.