BBallBreakdown: Was Larry Bird Better Than LeBron James?

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Here we go again, another “Is X better than X from another era?” video. We know it’s not fair to compare players from different eras of basketball, but it’s fun to do and doesn’t get much better than when Coach Nick spends over 10 minutes breaking down an argument in a BBallBreakdown video.

The argument here is, “Was Larry Bird better than LeBron James?” The majority of basketball fans under 35 would probably yell “Hell no” without hesitation, while most fans who got to watch Bird in his prime will probably still stick with the Hick from French Lick. But, after LeBron’s performance in the 2016 Finals, a lot of those Bird pickers made the switch to LeBron; Even hall of famers like Reggie Miller, who played against and patterned his game after Bird, made the switch.

Although I’m also taking LeBron (mainly because he’s a superior defender), I rather have Bird in the final minute of a game and I think Bird’s passing ability is criminally underrated and just as good, if not better, than LeBron’s passing ability.