Beastbrook Had One Of The Most Impressive Triple Doubles Ever By A Guard

Fans of Fanduel and Fantasy leagues had an orgasmic time watching the Thunder’s nail-biting win against the Orlando Magic. Victor Oladipo and Kevin Durant had 37 but the real fantasy superstar was Russell Westbrook.

Beastbrook put up his 3rd consecutive triple double with a mind blowing 24 points, career-high 19 rebounds and 14 assists.  The triple double is Westbrook’s 27th of his career (tying Rondo for 2nd among active players) and 8th of the season with 5 coming in the last 11 games.

In the past 30 years, there’s only been 13 instances of a guard putting up 20 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists in a single game: Magic Johnson has 4, Jason Kidd 3 and Michael Jordan 2. Out of those 13 instances and the other 6 20/14/14 games by players at other positions, Westbrook’s 19 boards is the most.

Here’s the top 5 best rebounding performances from just point guards out of those instances.

  • Westbrook (2016) 24pts, 19rebs, 14asts
  • Steve Francis (2000) 25pts, 17rebs, 14asts
  • Magic Johnson (1989) 24pts, 17rebs, 17asts
  • Magic Johnson (1989) 20pts, 17rebs, 15asts
  • Jason Kidd (1996) 21pts, 16rebs, 16asts

Worth mentioning is Rajon Rondo’s 19/15/14 in 2009 & 18/17/20 performance in 2012.  And for the old school fans, you can’t talk about rebounding point guards without bringing up Fat Lever aka the most underrated triple double threat in NBA history.  Here’s a few of his gems.

  • (1987 vs Cavs) 20pts, 20rebs, 12asts, 6stls
  • (1987 vs Rockets) 22pts, 21rebs, 7asts
  • (1986 vs Suns) 29pts, 17rebs, 9asts, 4stls
  • (1987 vs Mavs) 25pts, 19rebs, 13asts

So what’s the secret to rebounding at the point guard position?

“I go get the ball, man,” Westbrook said. “I don’t have a method. I just try to work harder than the next guy and go out and compete at a high level every night. That’s it.”