Ben Simmons’ NBA Debut & Duel With Jaylen Brown Ends Early With Cramps

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#1 pick Ben Simmons made his NBA debut on Monday, showed flashes of brilliance in 24 minutes with 10 points, 8 boards, 5 assists (a few worthy of assists of the night), left the game in the 4th with calf cramps, then the 76ers ended up losing to the Celtics by 8. Philly hoop fans are used to that type of news: good followed by promising followed by bad. But the bad isn’t that bad – although the 76ers will rest him in the next game – and the promising looks more promising than anything the 76ers have had in a while.

Also making his NBA debut was #3 pick Jaylen Brown. Like Simmons, Brown scored most of his points (11 out of 16) from the charity stripe and added 6 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks going against Simmons – an opponent upgrade from the kid he dunked on last week for saying “Simmons was better.”

As exciting as the thought of a Simmons and Brown rookie rivalry is, Simmons sounds like he’s looking to start a rivalry with the NBA elite right from the start.

“I’m looking at the top guys like (LeBron James) and (Kevin Durant),” Simmons said. “Those are the guys I have to be facing, so I have to get ready for them.

“I respect everybody. I don’t fear anyone. So when we go into every game, I’m willing to put in the work to win. That’s the goal coming in here — just to win every game.”

And drink more fluids!