Beno Udrih rants about sleeves and Mike Woodson after 29 point loss to Thunder


Thanks to injuries to Raymond Felton and Prigioni, Beno Udrih is the starting point guard for the struggling Knicks.  Thanks to the not so popular new NBA jerseys with sleeves (and Russell Westbrook) Beno struggled on Christmas day hitting only 1 of his 6 shots in a 29 point loss to the Thunder.  The worst of the shots was an off the side of the backboard 3 point attempt that he blamed on the sleeves.

“Personally it bothered me and my shot,” Udrih said “On a normal shot, I’m used to getting my shoulder and elbow up. That was my personal feeling. I don’t know how anyone else was feeling. I know Timmy was saying he wore it in college before. I never did it before. Maybe we should practice wearing them for a few weeks to get used to it.”

Aside from the sleeves, Beno was pretty upset about criticism from Coach Woodson.

“Don’t just be a coach, be a person,” Udrih said “It’s easy to point fingers when the team loses. But it comes down to we are a team, we lose together. No matter who makes a mistake or who doesn’t, it’s still a team loss. So I think all of this stuff should be kept out of the media and not call certain people out. You can point fingers at me as much as you can, but if things don’t work it’s not one person’s fault.”

Merry Christmas Beno!  Atleast you had one nice no-look pass to go with those equivalent to no-look shots you took.

Source: NY Daily News


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