Best Crossovers of the 2013-2014 NBA Season Mix (no Jamal Crawford or CP3!?)

Ty Lawson? Check. Kyrie Irving? Check.  Iggy, JR Smith, Kemba, Steph, KD, Isaiah, Lance? Check for all.  How about the Clippers' Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul?  Nope!

That's OK, we have been following JCrossover all summer long at the Seattle Pro-Am and collected enough nasty crossovers to satisfy any upset Crawford or Clippers fan.


If your favorite crossover was on a milk carton then there's a good chance it made the following list of the Top 50 Crossovers made by the appropriately named Ankle Breaker.

But my favorite NBA ankle breaker from the past season belonged to Tim Duncan who dropped Amir Johnson with this crossover.

The reason why I said "NBA ankle breaker" is because my favorite ankle breaker of the year belonged to this guy.

But this was pretty nice too.


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