Best Highlights from Day 3 of the USA Basketball Training Camp (KD vs Harden vs PG)

“I’m on a mission.” said Derrick Rose. “I feel great, man. I don’t have any aches. My body, knock on wood, I feel good, man. For real. I’m really taking care of my body. I really feel like a pro.”

Day 3 of USA Basketball Training Camp aka Day 3 of The Return of Derrick Rose went down yesterday at the Mendenhall Center on UNLV campus. It was a day full of highlights including competitive scrimmages, one-on-one battles between Kevin Durant, his ex-teammate James Harden and Paul George and of course action from Derrick Rose.

“He looks better,” Paul George said of Rose. “He looks like he’s coming off the MVP year. He’s really been aggressive. He’s been flying across the court. We’ve seen him last year in the regular season; it still looked like he was holding back a little bit. It doesn’t look like that here.”



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